Our services

Film Production

We film products, services, events, music videos, interviews, and much more. We charge by the half-day to film, and we bring our equipment or rent it as needed. Prices vary according to how much time you’ll need us on-site and how much pre-production is needed to determine logistics, shots and story. Pre-production reduces your filming and editing costs. Pre-production takes longer than filming.


We can edit footage your existing footage or combine new footage with past footage. We charge by day. A five-minute video may take about three days, but this depends on the number of shots, titles, and the final output. 

Why you should hire us.

We will make your job easier. In addition to over 10 years of production experience, we have over 20 years working in lifestyle editorial, brand marketing, event marketing and sales and we’ve worked with many different industries, from entertainment, charity, automotive, education, household goods, and, our specialty, wine and food. 

Deadlines are important, professionalism is paramount and good communication alleviates concerns about budgets and the quality of the project. We understand this and it’s always in the forefront of our minds when working with all of our clients.